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The methodology that tamil seithikal (www.tamlseithikal.in) abides by are:

Transparency of Methodology :

A commitment to Transparency of Methodology

Fact Crescendo explains the methodology below which we use to select, research, write, edit, publish and correct our fact checks. We encourage readers to send claims to fact-check and are transparent on why and how we fact-check.

Our Methodology:

I. News Funnel: Selecting a claim to debunk

We continuously monitor social media and mainstream media for incorrect and/or dubious

Our sources for topics include:

  1. Claims of or about politicians, officials in positions of authority, celebrities, personalities and influencers.
  2. Claims made by political parties and their leaders via their social media pages or messages. These can be shared on their official or personal accounts or even through WhatsApp.
  3. A Social media Fake News Suspect List (FNSL), through which we track suspected sources of fake news propagators.
  4. Provocative messages or hashtags promoted by any entity to influence public opinion.
  5. Identification of claims by social media users and submitted to us for verification.

II. Fact Crescendo makes a selection of claims to debunk.

The following parameters are considered before we initiate research upon any claim:

  1. How viral is the claim (social popularity & sensitivity, traction, reach and spread)
  2. Subject of the claim
  3. Source of the claim
  4. Provocative nature of the claim
  5. Culturally & specific social groups sensitive claims

III. Systematic Research of the claim

Once a suspicious claim has been selected for a fact check, Fact Crescendo engages in systematic process to verify it. Fact Crescendo may use one or more of the below processes:

  • Reviewing original video, image or transcript to verify if the statements attributed to public figures have been changed, morphed or distorted.
  • Using internet tools like Google Reverse Image search to determine the origin of viral photographs or videos and also to verify if the same image or video has been used earlier in similar or different contexts. In order to use Google Reverse Image search for videos, we break the video into individual frames and use these images to search on Google Reverse Image.
  • Internet search (manually and automated).
  • Contacting the person to whom a seemingly fake claim is attributed.
  • Consulting reputed a panel of or individual subject matter expert(s) whenever necessary to confirm or research a claim.
  • Establishing contact with the reputed & relevant local media entities or sources, governmental authorities or police.
  • Crowd review and feedback

IV. Evaluating the claim

Using a variety of tools and methods described above, Tamil Seithikal evaluates the veracity of a claim and its truthful status is concluded. Where relevant, more than one tool is used to conclusively debunk the fake claim.

V. Writing the fact-check

Post evaluation Tamil Seithikal puts out the information in public domain through articles that are detailed and explanatory as per our principles. We strive to provide information without any bias and in easy to digest chunks so that readers can easily verify the information for themselves.


It’s mean That post TRUE NEWS
It’s mean That post FAKE NEWS
It’s mean That post MISLEADING NEWS
It’s mean That post MIXED NEWS
Transparent Corrections Policy

A commitment to Open & Honest Corrections Policy

Online and offline, we live in a world where information is changing constantly, as a result of which stories have to be constantly updated. In the event of an error on our part, we are prompt in acknowledging and correcting it through our well defined process of correction. We
correct our articles in line with the corrections policy and with a vision, as far as possible, to ensure that our readers are presented the corrected version as soon as possible and transparently.

To know more please read out Correction & Submission Policy on

Transparent Complaints Process

In case of complaints on any article by readers, they can submit their complaints or views through these 4 channels:

1) Comment Form
2) Contact Us Form
3) Email us at admin@tamilseithikal.in

Once we receive a complaint, our Complaint process is similar to Correction

We review your complaint and if found factual, appropriate & correct we initiate the change or remove the content as requested by the reader.

In case of any non-factual, incorrect or non-appropriate complaint we respond back to the submitter of complaint on the email id provided, explaining our reasons for not doing a change or non-removal of content.

To know more please read out Correction & Submission Policy on

Note: In case of any clarification or questions regarding Our Methodology, you can contact us by email on admin@tamilseithikal.in

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